Mix III new


R4599.00 INCL.VAT

5 CDs - 1,000 Elements - CD Audio

Mix III Broadcast Music Library offers the ultimate package of over 1,000 Production Elements - 5 CDs containing elements of every description. Mix III includes:

Production Elements Content by CD: MIX #21

Rock Beds, Dance, Hip Hop & Funk, Stingers, Bumpers, Licks and Segues

MIX #22

Logos, FX and FX Music

MIX #23

Mixed Bag: News, Weather, Sports, Fanfares, Comedy, Country, Jazz, A/C, Electronic, Drama Seques and Drama Underscores

MIX #24

Stagers, Sweepers, Lasers and Drones

MIX #25

IDs, Work Parts, MiniBeds and Promo Beds